5 Conferences on Advertising, Technology and Premium Video you can’t miss

We invite you to relive the Premium Video Advertising Summit held in Miami, with these 5 interesting Conferences and Panels that included the participation of renowned opinion leaders who shared their ideas and experiences on the evolution of the media, the central role of Video Premium and the development of Advanced Advertising solutions.


These conferences offer strategies and solutions that propose:

  • The important role of quality content in the advertising message and its impact on the audience
  • Advances in the development and implementation of measurement tools to achieve better audience segmentation
  • The evolution of Premium Video Advertising through multiple platforms focused on Advanced Advertising solutions


1. PANEL: “The vision: Advanced Television Advertising”

Because traditional media consumption is changing and increasingly fragmented, programmatic technology offers hyper-segmenting possibilities to reach an audience.


You’ll learn from a distinguished group of experts in Advanced Advertising and programmatic ad buying, as they explore opportunities to spread their impact and benefits in Latin America.



2. PANEL: “Content matters / Context matters”

You will explore the important role of content in today’s media landscape and its impact on results. You will discover the wisdom behind placing advertising alongside premium quality content and why the context where brands advertise is so important. Premium Video offers content / context solutions that result in advertising effectiveness.


3. PANEL: “The Intersection between Data Science and Advertising Effectiveness”

You will learn about the key elements in the advances of Audience Research and Measurement in Latin America and how the experts are driving the development of solutions around the world.


Panelists will address the challenges and opportunities for the media, advertisers and agencies in today’s media consumption landscape.


4. Keynote Presentation: “Heartdata (Direct Marketing to the Heart)”

Just when the Social Sciences had declared the Internet “an intractable problem”, Big Data became even bigger, algorithms sharpened our teeth and our feeling in the face of it all became oceanic, abysmal. After taking this photograph of our new media and social ecosystem, Ana María Olabuenaga develops a map to travel safely through our new environments and territories: Heartdata.


Heartdata, as the most sensible and humane way to face Big Data. Heartdata as the way to innovate, sell and reinvent ourselves. The trip that Olabuenaga proposes is entertaining, emotional and promises its audience a fresh and useful vision to be used in business, in the professional field or in daily life.


5. Keynote Presentation: “The Importance of Building Brand Value in Television

Today, a deep understanding of the buying motivations of modern consumers is what the best companies are using to significantly increase the brand value of their products and services.


Skilled entrepreneurs know that their jobs have made them publishers and interpreters, constantly reevaluating the emotional lifestyle benefits of the products they sell and demonstrating these benefits to their customers.


In this presentation you will learn:

  • How to discover today’s consumer motivations
  • How to market in today’s society “Post Functional”
  • Why the traditional sales strategy no longer works and what has taken its place
  • The critical difference between content and context, and how you can multiply your sales
  • The special sales secrets that are hidden from view
  • Keynote Presentation: “The Importance of Building Brand Value in Television”


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