5 Insights on the Seminar: A GLOBAL VIEW ON COVID-19


Recent analyzes around the world have revealed that TV and Video consumption is changing rapidly, evidence of the strong relationship that exists between the media and audiences in search of reliable information and entertainment.


On the other hand, many advertisers have adapted their advertising messages, focusing them on empathy and offering useful information to consumers.


During LAMAC’s first series of Live Streaming seminars, a distinguished group of experts participated in an exchange of global perspectives and ideas on the impacts of COVID-19 on the TV advertising industry.


Here are 5 Insights focused on Latin America by Henry Martinez, Chairman of the LAMAC Board of Directors.


1. What are some of the changes in consumer behavior trends in the midst COVID-19?


2. What is the role of content in today’s  fragmented media landscape?


3. What is the importance of building brand value in the current context?


4. What are the benefits to maintaining advertising continuity in Television?


5. What would you recommend to advertisers and agencies during this time of dramatic change?


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