5 Insights on Scale and Reach with Premium Video



Premium Video reaches and retains more audience in less time

A range point has a different value depending on the platform, it is not only a question of scale, but of the quality of the range.


Premium Video is the medium that generates the most conversations and interactions on social networks, extending the possibilities of reach and commitment to brands.


With the explosion of new video platforms, advertisers can expand their reach beyond linear TV to include mobile and digital platforms such as Video on Demand (VOD), over-the-top (OTT), and TV Everywhere (TVE)


Key Insights:

  • 83% of adults and 79% of millennials (18-34 years old) are reached by Linear TV every week in Latin America.
  • In Colombia, adults spend 3 times more time consuming Premium Video content on Linear TV than watching online video on any platform.
  • Adults in Latin America watch almost 15 hours of Premium Video every week.


1. Every week, Colombians over 18 watch more than 15 hours of Premium Video

When analyzing the different video platforms that compete with traditional TV, it is important to measure how many people connect to a platform and how much time they spend each week.


Evaluating the reach of different platforms, we observe that the smartphone is essential in everyday life, reaching almost the same number of people as traditional TV. However, the time spent watching online video on a smartphone does not compare to the time spent watching Premium Video on a traditional platform.


And if we additionally take into account that many of the online minutes that are consumed on the other platforms are Premium Video content, we can assume a potential increase in the consumption of these contents on all platforms.




2. The Premium Video and Linear TV audience is double the audience of Smartphones and Smart TVs

We compare different ways and platforms of watching video content in Colombia, from the possibility of watching Total TV Lineal + On line, to how many people only watched Premium Video Lineal, Video On line (smartphones) and Video On line (Smart TV).


The results reinforce the relevance of the Linear TV platform.




3. Smartphone viewers mostly watch short-form videos (up to 15 minutes), music videos, and user-generated content

This indicates that the smartphone is a very suitable tool for “portable” entertainment, but to consume video that requires more commitment of time and attention, consumers use the smartphone less and 41% always skip advertisements.




4. On YouTube, the content seen is mainly music. A combination of original videos and user generated content

The level of attention devoted to consuming music is not the same as that given to a program or movie.


In Latin America, the most consumed genre on YouTube is mainly music (original and user generated videos), which represents less time-consuming entertainment than a movie, series or long-form content that requires more attention and therefore, consumer involvement.




5. Premium Video content dominates in engagement on Social Networks

This level of attention to Premium Video is reflected in the reaction on social networks about content. A Parrot analysis of social interactions on video content shows that 60% is related to Premium Video, over OTT content.


Entire ecosystems of blogs, social media posts, reviews, and summaries have evolved online along with Television content. Social media is an extension of the great relationship that exists between consumers and the content they are passionate about.


45% percent of millennials share, post, and tweet about their favorite TV content. 27% of the 50 best YouTube videos are dedicated to television content. This ecosystem acts as a positive feedback loop where online engagement drives the audience to enjoy new episodes.

Video Premium generates the highest social expression which shows that there is a palpable interest of consumers on the content of Video Premium.




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