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GLITZ* is TBSLA’s first lifestyle and entertainment brand to include prime-time series, films and concerts for viewers to share with friends. It will also feature talk shows, reality shows, biographies and original contents designed to stir the emotions, desires and aspirations of young adults that are constantly looking out for enjoyment.

Brand Idea

GLITZ* will be a place for audiences to live their own adventure in every journey, feel curious about new trends, choose their own fashion and style, enjoy gourmet moments and share music with friends.

Audience Profile

Fact Sheet

Launched in Latin America: May 2011

Head office: Atlanta, USA; Buenos Aires, Argentina

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese

Number of Feeds 3

South Feed: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia

North Feed: Rest of Latin America

Brazil Feed

Satellite: PAS 9

Subscribers: 19 million as of December 2010

Distribution Area: Pan-regional

Target Audience

Trendsetters: single men and women. They have an active, curious and versatile lifestyle. They are early adopters: they look for, and adapt easily to, new trends.

Active life: married women. They enjoy the cool things in life, without disregarding their responsibilities In their active lifestyle, they need some time for themselves; that time is all about GLITZ*.

Open-minded: married men that love to feel vital and up-to-date with the latest trends. Their interests include technology, travels, stories and experiences, and they are all to be found in GLITZ*.

Life stage: men and women who know what they want. They search for balance in their lives, and want a life that is varied and entertaining. They want to feel young and avoid falling into a rut: they want a GLITZ* life.

Advertising Sales Contacts​

USA (Panregional):

Marcelo Cataldi

Ad Sales

Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay y Uruguay:

Enrique Sabatini

Ad Sales


Gilberto Coraza

Ad Sales

Centroamérica, Ecuador, Perú, República Dominicana y Venezuela:

Warren Strifling

Ad Sales


Enrique Matte

Ad Sales


Libia Ramirez

Ad Sales


Alejandro Manrique

Ad Sales

Other TURNER Channels:

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