Premium Video Consumption Continues Strong Increase in Latin America

June 22, 2020


LAMAC, the Latin American Media Advertising Council, shared an analysis of the consumption of Premium Video in Latin America during the COVID-19 quarantine. This analysis continues to demonstrate the increase in rating and viewing time, as well as providing information on the variety of programming being consumed.


On the other hand, as consumers navigate the different stages and emotions arising from the pandemic, the need to inform themselves and consume news, the need for entertainment and distraction has been added, which has taken an important role in dealing with stress and uncertainty.


According to the analysis, LAMAC notes that from the start of quarantine, the Premium Video audience has increased significantly.  During May, and as restrictions evolved in some regions of Latin America, the Premium Video audience remained above the pre-quarantine levels1.


  • During May, consumption of Premium Video among children and adolescents (ages 4 to 17) increased by 10% above the January and February average of this year, and they dedicated an average of 16 minutes more per day to these contents.
  • Millennials (ages 18 to 34) increased their exposure by almost 12% vs. the run-up to quarantine, dedicating up to 18 more minutes per day watching Premium Video content.
  • Adults ages 35+ also maintain an increase of almost 16% vs. normal audience levels, consuming 21 more minutes of Premium Video.


By analyzing the genres of programming that are being consumed2, LAMAC notes that consumers are looking at Premium Video for a source of entertainment and ways to improve their lives.


  • Children and adolescents (ages 4 to 17) have significantly increased their film consumption (+31%), compared to the January/February average. This group has also increased interest in health and wellness programs (+32%) and documentaries (+9%).
  • Millennials (ages 18 to 34) are watching more series and movies than before (+10% and +17% respectively), but they are also exploring more health and wellness programs (+22%) and documentaries (+10%). The increase in this group is particularly noticeable in cooking programs (+67%).
  • Adults ages 35+ are consuming more entertainment (movies +24%, series +13% and documentaries +17%), but there is also significant growth in health and wellness genres (+13%), cooking (+22%) and of course, news (+23%).


Based on the analysis, LAMAC concludes that entertainment and the need for distraction have prompted consumers to broaden their media horizons, rediscover the value of television in all its formats (multiscreen) and explore a wider range of programmatic genres.


The observed increases are a clear example of the value of advertising in Premium Video, not only because of the remarkable increase in audience, but also as a key ally for the positioning of products and brands towards the consumer.


Faced with new consumer habits and today’s industry challenges, Premium Video content offers a key source of entertainment and a valuable facilitator of family time that adapts to new consumer needs, which represents a high-impact opportunity for advertisers.


1 Source rating and exposure time: Kantar IBOPE Media, Base MC09 (Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Central America, Colombia, Mexico, Peru).  Dates: January-May 2020. Targets: 4-17, 18-34, 35+. Channel: Total Premium Video. Strip: Total Day. Value: Rat%, and Average ATS: Comparative Monthly Average May vs. bimonthly average January-February 2020.


2 Source audience by genre: Kantar IBOPE Media, Base MC09 (Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Central America, Colombia, Mexico, Peru).  Dates: January-May 2020. Targets: 4-17, 18-34, 35+. Channels: All Premium Video channels, manually ranked by genre. Strip: Total Day. Value: Average Rat: Comparative monthly average May vs. bimonthly average January-February 2020.

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