Why Premium Video​?

Premium Video reaches and retains more audience in less time

What is Premium Video?

Premium Video is the evolution of Pay TV as an advertising medium.  It is much more than a multichannel platform. It is premium content programming with the highest quality, that can be enjoyed on any screen.

Today, content is king. Audiences expect better content quality and today, more than ever, the offering of series, sporting events, documentaries, movies, factual entertainment, and the wide variety of shows offered by LAMAC’s member networks, is constantly improving and in high demand on both linear and digital platforms.

Why Premium Video?

Premium Video offers the most suitable, safe and effective setting for advertising. It also captures an individual’s attention for longer periods of time and generates stronger emotional connections with the audience through a wide range of premium content that reflects their interests,  resulting in a greater impact for the advertiser.

Premium Video offers unmatched opportunities for advertisers to reach their business objectives and build their brands.

6 benefits of including Premium Video in your media plans:

  • Contextual Targeting
  • Superior Impact
  • Brand Integration
  • Brand Safety
  • Scale & reach
  • ROI & Attribution

Contextual Targeting

Premium Video connects brands with peoples’ passions

The diverse portfolio of premium quality video content offers advertisers a wide range of possibilities to appeal to their passion points through:  stories, sports, music, fashion, events, family, travel, nature, comedy, information, health, culinary, home, hobbies, relationships, innovation, current events, lifestyles, investigative genre, etc.

Premium Video productions foster strong emotional connections with the audience and create a positive association with the brands.  When aligned with a brand strategy, this audience targeting boosts the impact and performance of advertising campaigns.

Superior Impact

Premium Video is the medium where advertising generates greater attention and impact

The perception of advertising is not equal across all media. In some media, advertising is perceived as intrusive, inappropriate and out of context, generating an unfavorable reaction from the audience and ultimately affecting the campaigns effectivity.

Premium Video is different!  It is the medium in which advertising is best perceived and is more favored by the audience, since viewers expect to find advertising in this context. Ads on TV offer 100% screen coverage, attaining greater visibility, attention, and impact (both short and long term.) Moreover, when the campaign combines Linear TV + digital platforms TV Everywhere, it becomes the best mix to maximize the campaign’s results.

Brand Integration

Premium Video is the ideal platform to innovate and differentiate

Premium Video offers advertisers a multitude of options to integrate their brands with Premium content which audiences are passionate about.  The opportunities are endless, from sponsorships of renowned live global events (galas, award shows,  season premieres, sporting events, etc.); to the variety and alternatives of branded content and different formats aligned with brand strategy;  as well as the development of 100% original productions in partnership with top global production companies.

Without a doubt, a brand’s value increases when it integrates with Premium Video content in real time, since its effect on the audience is immediate, reflected in the multitude of interactions that are generated on various digital platforms.

Brand safety​

Premium guarantees a safe context for the brands reputation

Building a positive brand reputation takes years, destroying it can take only a few seconds. Although many media options speak to the importance of brand safety, very few are willing to guarantee it.

Premium Video:

  • Has a highly controlled rigorous process that ensures that a brands reputation is not at risk, since 100% of the ads are placed within a context that is trustworthy and safe.
  • Protects advertisers’ reputations, and benefits the brand, since the audience associates the brand with the mediums content and attributes.

Scale & Reach

Premium Video reaches and retains more audience in less time

Not all “reach” is equal!  One reach point is not the same on all platforms.  It is not only the size that matters, but equally important is the “quality of the medium’s reach.”

A greater receptivity towards advertising, the attention it generates, the permanency, the lower fragmentation and emotional connection the audience has with the content, makes the difference in being able to obtain the best results!

Also, Premium Video happens to be the medium that generates more conversations and interactions across social media, extending the possible reach and engagement of advertisers and their brands.

ROI & Attribution

Premium Video builds brands, it builds businesses

Premium Video is an effective medium to build brands and increase sales:

  • Attribution models that demonstrate advertising investment in Premium Video shows a positive correlation with advertisers’ business results.
  • Premium Video generates greater brand awareness, and also has a greater impact on all other variables related to the “health” of the brand (consideration and eventual intention to purchase.)
  • Premium Video generates a “halo effect” over the campaign results for the other media mix, particularly when it is combined with digital platforms TV Everywhere.
  • The lasting effect of Premium Video on long term sales has a greater duration vs. the rest of media, providing a high level of retention of the brand that lasts up to 2 years post campaign.

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